Easter Decorations From the Kitchen!

Marbleized Easter Eggs (center of table) w/ 2 layers of applied color.
are part of our Easter tablescape.
     We used everyday kitchen items to create Easter decorations. The eggs were a team effort -- Barry blew them out (he's still a bit winded) and I decorated (someone has to do the fun stuff). 
     Several years ago we attended a travel and tourism event in KC; a booth from a small town in Kans. featured the marbleized eggs. While talking to the booth reps, they provided the recipe. I went home and made them using hard boiled eggs. They suggested boiling egss for 17 min. but I boiled them a longer time, hoping to somewhat petrify them. The eggs actually lasted for a couple of years, but were a bit "smelly" this year so we started again using  blown out eggs this time. They are fun to make and very pretty.

Marbleized Easter Eggs
Adding the first layer of color.
Hard boiled  eggs  - boiled  for about 17 min.*
Elmer's glue
Food coloring--paste makes more vivid colors
Wax paper
Pan spray
Latex gloves

1.  Put about an inch of glue in the bottom of a Styrofoam or paper/plastic cup and add color; mix thoroughly.
2.  Arrange wax paper on cooling rack; spray it lightly with pan spray.
3.  With gloves, dip an egg in just a little bit of one color and then massage  it into the egg to create a marbleized look. Lay it on the wax paper and allow to dry – either completely or at least partially.
4.  Re-dip the egg to create a multi-colored effect. (Again, use just a little bit of color and massage to create a marbleized effect.)

*Or, blow out the eggs – see step by step directions @ http://www.wikihow.com/Blow-Out-Eggs or watch a short video @ http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Blow-out-an-Easter-Egg-142076367

Cake Pan Tiered Easter Centerpiece
2 tin cans
Graduated sizes of round cake pans – set of 3
Easter grass or wheatgrass

Easter eggs / chocolate bunny

1.  Remove labels from two discarded tin cans and center between graduated sizes of cake pan (refer to photo).
2.  Fill cake pans with Easter grass (or use wheatgrass) and then add eggs to the two lower pans; center a chocolate bunny in the top tier.
3.  Place the tiered centerpiece directly on your tables or elevate on a cake stand.

Jelly Bean Vase
Glass vase
Jelly Beans
Silk flowers or tree branch(es) and small Easter ornaments

1.  Fill a glass vase with jelly beans.
2.  Add an arrangement of silk flower or arrange a tree branch in the center of the jelly beans; decorate branches with small Easter ornaments.


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