Caribbean Delight -- Grilled Pineapple Sundae YUM!

     Uncle Barry was planning to prepare tilapia for dinner so Erin and I created “Caribbean Delight” using the fresh pineapple we had on hand. Our dessert was yummy!

Caribbean Delight
1 ripe pineapple
Brown sugar
Ground cinnamon
Dark rum
Vanilla ice cream
Sliced bananas
Toasted coconut
Chocolate sauce, optional

1.     Cut, core and slice pineapple into thick slices. (see how to tips @
2.     Place the pineapple in a dish. Light sprinkle each slice with brown sugar and cinnamon; drizzle each with a splash of dark rum (the alcohol cooks out during grilling, leaving just the flavor). Refrigerate for at least an hour or overnight.
3.     Grill pineapple on preheated stovetop grill over medium-hot coals -- just long enough to lightly caramelize and create grill marks.

4.     To assemble sundae: top pineapple with ice cream, sliced bananas and toasted coconut. Pass the chocolate sauce.

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