So Easy, It’s Scary! Candy Corn Trees & “Finger” Food

Halloween countdown is underway and here's what I am brewing up in the West kitchen . . .

Candy Corn Trees
Yes, candy corn does grow on trees . . . and here's the proof!
Candy Corn
Hot glue gun
Tree branch

1.  Add a bead of hot glue to a piece of candy corn and then add it to a tree branch. Continue until the branch is filled with candy corn buds. It may be necessary to hold “buds” in place for a couple of seconds to insure they adhere to the branch. As you work with the hot glue, thin strings of glue may appear, resembling a cob web.

2.  Add candy corn tree to a vase.

“Finger” Food
 Lay these “fingers” around on counters and cupboards or offer them as favors at guest’s table setting.
Clear plastic glove
Candy Corn
Thin ribbon or string

1.  Add a candy corn to each finger of the glove – arrange so each appears to be a fingernail.
2.  Fill each finger with popcorn (beginning careful to keep the fingernail in place) and then fill the hand leaving enough room to tie off the top with a piece of ribbon or string.

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