10 THINGS TO DO WITH FALL COOKIE CUTTERS . . . besides made cookies

So many cookie cutters, so little motivation to make fall sugar cookies! So, here's what I'm doing instead . . . 

1.     Cut out Jigglers – leaf shaped gelatin shapes
To make your own Cranberry Jigglers: Pour 1 cup cold cranberry juice in a bowl and add 4 (1/4 oz.) envelopes of plain gelatin (such 
as Knox®) and leave for a minute. Bring 3 cups of juice to boil in a pan and pour over the other juice and gelatin in the bowl.  Use a whisk to stir briskly until all the gelatin is dissolved. Spray a 9”x13” pan with cooking spray; pour gelatin mixture in pan. Refrigerate for 
a few hours until completely set. Use cookie cutters to cut gelatin.
For additional tips on gelatin preparation, check out gelatin tips on our blog.

2.     Make cinnamon toast.

3.     Use them to cut tea sandwiches.
4.     Top salads or soups with mini leaf-shaped croutons.
5.     Make pie crust cut-outs.
6.     Hang them in your kitchen.
Cookie cutters are tied to the metal framework on our portable kitchen worktable.

7.     Throw them in a bowl with a pumpkin and a squash.
Copper cutters and fall produce nestled in one of Barry's pottery bowls.

8.     Create food labels to identify foods on a buffet or appetizer table.
What's on the menu? Leaf-shaped
name tags identify each dish.

9.     Add a ribbon and give as a party favor.
10.  Stick a napkin though them for an instant napkin rings.
Copper cookie cutters serve as a napkin ring in this fall place setting
featuring original pottery plates (made by Barry) and goblets made by Richard Ernst.
Leaf-shaped cookie cutter favors are also included.

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