Gumdrop Tree – a fun project for kids of all ages

Gumdrop trees are a fun project for kids and they make great gifts, too.. Make them in a variety of sizes and fill a table or sideboard with a forest of trees. Our Christmas tablescape includes just one.

Gumdrop Tree
Styrofoam cone
Gumdrop candies, smaller size -- for a 6" tree it will take about 14 oz.

1.     Cut or break the toothpicks in half. If your toothpicks are splintering when you cut them, you can try using whole toothpicks but be carful that the points don't stick out of the gumdrop.
2.     Put the cut end of the toothpick into the flat side of a gumdrop then push the pointy end of the toothpick into the Styrofoam cone.

3.     Begin at the bottom of the cone  and work your way around and up the cone. Place gumdrops as close together as possible.
4.     When starting the next row, place the toothpick above the “V” area of the gumdrop row below. (Since the gumdrops are not exactly the same size, this won’t always work but it does cut down on the amount of white apace showing through.)
5.     Continue up the tree to the top. You may need a full toothpick to attach the final gumdrop on top of the tree.

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