Soup-er — Barry's Cabbage & Kielbasa Soup

     Not only does it look good, it tastes fantastic! And, Barry even wrote down the recipe!!! Jokingly (at least I took it that way) he noted, “You must do it in THIS order for it to taste right!” Ironic since he usually ignores (or at least complains about) specific step-by-step instructions.

Barry’s Cabbage & Smoked Kielbasa Soup
1½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 large or 2 small yellow or white onions, julienned
1 small carrot, peeled into strips and slightly chopped
¼ teaspoon curry powder
¾ teaspoon cumin
1½ teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon coarsely cracked black pepper
½ medium head cabbage, core removed and chopped or slices as fine as desired
2 cloves of garlic, minced
¼ cup white zinfandel or merlot or other white wine
3 cups chicken stock (homemade, canned or boxed, or from concentrate)
¾ lb. smoked kielbasa sausage

1.     In a stock pot, heat oil and sauté onions, carrots and garlic; add seasonings while sauté is in progress.
2.     Then add cabbage and cook until partially tender; add wine and simmer for a few minutes.
3.     Add chicken stock and kielbasa; cover and cook on low for 40 minutes to 1 hour. Uncover and cook 5 additional minutes.

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