Hippity Hop — Goldfish Easter Carrots

I saw the idea for Goldfish Carrot on Pinterest but did not have a cone shaped bag
 . . . so here’s what I did:

Goldfish Easter Carrots
Goldfish – a 6.6 oz. bag makes 6 carrot favors
Gallon sized plastic bags
Green ribbon, rick rack, etc.

1.  Using a gallon sized plastic bag, I cut a circular shape from opposite corners of bag as shown below.
I used a marker to designate where to cut on the bag.
Normally (when not taking photos) I just cut without drawing a line.
2.  In order to avoid a really fat carrot, I folded the bag in half (see example below) and then just filled one half of the resulting hollow area.

Bring one side of the cut bag to the seam edge.  Fill the top section with goldfish,
leaving the bottom section empty.
3.  Tie top with green ribbon or rickrack, adjusting the crackers so they bag simulates the shape of a carrot.
After tying the bag shut, I am attempting to point out that their is a section of the bag not filled with goldfish; it
is simply folder under and stays in place with the ribbon tie.

Carrot Crackers make nice Easter favors.

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