Marinated Tomatoes -- Using the rest of our garden tomatoes

Since we just happened to be in Kansas City last weekend teaching classes at the Culinary Center of Kansas City, we ventured across the street to The Tasteful Olive where we replenished our favorite products and found some new ones that we just couldn't live without. One of those is oregano balsamic vinegar. (We also purchased red apple and chocolate balsamic vinegars and have all sorts of ideas for them  -- as soon as time allows, that is.)
Here's to ya! Barry sampling balsamic vinegar at The Tasteful Olive.
Here is what we've done with the OREGANO BALSAMIC VINEGAR: 
Since Barry recently picked the last of the summer produce, we have lots of tomatoes on hand. Needing a quick salad for a spur of the moment supper gathering, he sliced tomatoes, lightly salted and peppered them, and then drizzled them with "good" olive oil and the oregano balsamic vinegar. I added chopped oregano and a few additional sprigs for garnish. It was quick, simple and delicious.
After the addition a a little "good" olive oil, Barry drizzles the sliced tomatoes with oregano balsamic vinegar.
I also roasted some of the excess tomatoes and finished them (once they were out of the oven) with a drizzle of the oregano balsamic vinegar. (Click here for our Roasted Tomato link.)

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  1. Such a quick and easy way to use our balsamic vinegar! Thanks for the great tips and always a recipe! (Jeanne from The Tasteful Olive)