Fun with Veggies — Veggie Trays . . . with faces!

Aren't these the cutest veggie trays? I think they are perfect for the little children at tomorrow night's Parents as Teachers Family Connections. But, I'm thinking that they would bring a smile to people of any age!
I just dumped tubs of grape tomatoes on a platter, positioned two condiment cups filled with dip, and one black olive each,  for the eyes. Cauliflower florets became ears with sprigs of hairy thyme protruding! Baby carrot are standing up for the nose and black olives form the mouth. He/she looks good enough to eat!
Hadn't realized this veggie face looked like Groucho Marks (look him up if you don't know who he was) until I uploaded this photo to the blog! Thought I was making a black olive mouth but it very much resembles a mustache . . . with a grape tomato tongue peeking out. I stood baby carrots up (among the broccoli florets) for eyebrows. Again condiment cups of dip with black olive inserted in each become the eyes.

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