White House 1950’s era Tea Time Treats

In preparing my program about White House Chef Francois Rysavy, I also prepared tea time treats for Ladies Literary League. The menu was inspired by Rysavy’s book, White House Chef (Putnam, 1957) and included:

While I entertained about 20 with four confectionary offering, the teas that Rsyavy orchestrated were on a much grander scale. Here’s what he had to say about just one of those: “On a Thursday afternoon (April 19 @ 4 p.m.) in 1957 Mamie Eisenhower hosted a tea for The Wives of Representatives at the White House—a total of 450 ladies were in attendance.” He also goes on to offer up an inventory of what was served . . .

18 lbs. of brownies
10 lbs. assorted cookies
12 cakes
600 Petits Fours
1000 sandwiches made using 16 loaves of homemade breads
5 lbs. Chocolates
2 lbs. Bonbons
2 lbs. Assorted Mints
12 qts. Ice Cream & Sherbert

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