Cabbage, Sausage & Potato Soup - German inspired

On a cool, rainy day in New Braunfels, TX, Barry made a pot of German-inspired soup. Fitting for a town founded by Germans in 1845.

Cabbage, Sausage & Potato Soup  8 to 10 servings
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion, diced
2-3 medium carrots, peeled and diced
About half of a small green cabbage, chopped into bite-sized pieces
3 cloves garlic, minced
12 -16 ounces cooked/smoked sausage, sliced into bite-sized pieces (such as kielbasa; Barry used smoked chicken sausages)
6-8 cups chicken broth (start with smaller amount & add more as needed)
3-4 russet potatoes, peeled & diced (or use unpeeled red potatoes)  3-4 leaves Swiss chard, stems removed & chopped (optional – we had some on hand so Barry threw it into the mix)
1 teaspoon pepper blend
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
1-2 teaspoons Mediterranean seasoning (or use extra Italian seasoning)
Kosher salt to taste
  1. Heat the olive oil in a large soup or stock pot; add onions and carrots and sauté for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  
  2. Add the cabbage and garlic, and sauté for 4 more minutes, stirring occasionally. (Sausage could also be browned at this time, too.)
  3. Add the stock, potatoes, Swiss chard, Italian seasoning and pepper blend;  stir to combine; continue cooking until the soup reaches a simmer. (If sausage was not browned, it should be added now.)
  4. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked and tender.  
  5. Taste and season to taste with a few generous pinches of salt and additional black pepper—depending on how seasoned your sausage is; could also add additional Italian seasoning.

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