Fresh Blackberry Parfait -- blackberries & balsamic

Blackberries and balsamic vinegar are complimentary flavors, kind of like apples and cinnamon. And, then we upped the ante by using chocolate-infused balsamic in this light dessert that is packed with flavor. 

Fresh Blackberry Parfait    Makes 4
Vary amounts to suit your own personal preference.
2 cups fresh, ripe blackberries
Juice of 1 lime
About 3 mint leaves, finely chopped 
About 3 tablespoons of chocolate balsamic vinegar (we buy our speciality oil & vinegar @ The Tasteful Olive in Overland Park, Ks.)
About 3 tablespoons honey
Granola—purchased or homemade
Whipped coconut milk or whipped cream or vanilla yogurt
Garnishes: Mint sprigs, grated semi-sweet chocolate & additional honey 

1.  Place blackberries in bowl. Add lime juice, chopped mint leaves, chocolate balsamic vinegar and honey; stir gently.
2.  Place half the berries into 4 parfait glasses. Add a spoonful of granola. Repeat layers and top with whipped coconut milk or whipped cream or vanilla yogurt. Garnish each with a sprig of mint, grated semi-sweet chocolate and a drizzle of honey.

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