Bone Up on Your Veggies

     Play With Your Food was just one of our presentations for outdoor cooking demos at St. John's Jubilee (St. John, Ks.). In keeping with their theme, Celebrate Life, we prepared healthy (and quick) dishes, and had some fun with local children who had a chance to bone up on their veggies. Barry and I cut and peeled; the kids assembled using a diagram (I found posted on Facebook + received via email as well) as a guide.  
     Note: I provided exacting details based on the original diagram (directly below) but the kids changed it a bit, and of course it can be adapted to use the veggies that are on hand.

     Dillons of St. John donated all of the food for our demos, and they had also played around with their own version of the skeleton using a cucumber slice for the head (instead of a bowl of dip) and pepper pieces for eyes.

Bone Up on Your Veggies
Ranch Dressing

2 Black Olive slices
1 leaf of Curly Lettuce
2 ribs of Celery – cut into 4 pieces (2 for arms, 2 for legs)
2 Sugar Snap Peas (for leg bones or just use 2 sections of celery to create the second leg bone)
6 Baby Carrots (4 for lower arms, 2 for lower legs)
1 Red Pepper, remove top and seeds, cut across the top creating 7 rounds & then cut 6 of the rounds in half for the ribs; cut remaining part of remaining section into 2 smaller 
pieces for part of lower leg bone)
1 small Cucumber, cut into about 9 slices that will be overlapped for spine
3 to 4 Button Mushrooms, thinly sliced for hip bones
4 small Cauliflower Florets (2 for hands, 2 for knees)
2 Grape Tomatoes for feet
2 small Broccoli Florets for toes
1.  Dip — Pour Ranch dressing in a round bowl; add 2 black olives (sliced or leave whole) arranged as eyes on dip + add a leaf or 2 of lettuce for the hair.
2.  Veggies — Wash and prepare veggies as specified above. Arrange veggies and bowl of dip as shown in picture.
Barry on stage at St. John's Jubilee.

Meta on stage at St. John's Jubilee.

St. John kids on stage helping with Play With Your Food demos.

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